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At 01-01-2016 04:00:00 AM
About The Royal Guards of Valhalla

General Rift Guild Rules

Our guild is a family and, as such, needs only to write out rules so that in cases of disagreement a reference is available.  Guild members should try to help all members, but they are not required to do so. Remember that we are all here to enjoy ourselves and farming may not be as fun for others as it is for you or any other evetn we do as well.  When somebody does help you with any task, remember to say "thank you". Just because you cannot see the person at the other computer does not mean that they are less deserving of your appreciation.

Honor your helper by "paying it forward."

Rift Guild Purpose

This Guild is dedicated to casual playing and semi-hardcore raiding. The main focus in leveling and enjoying the game. We will PvP, PVE, CRIFT, NTE, and Raid. We will Raid frequently (at least for now), but that will not be the main focus. We just want to have fun with the game.

Handling Guild Issues

Generally, decisions will be handled by the Guild Master and GM Council having authority to reverse any decision depending on a case by case issue.

Conditions which Warrant: Removal from the Guild

Failure to act in accordance with the values of the guild.  In general, anybody who does not act in accordance with the guild virtues of honor, valor, and philanthropy is subject to removal from "The Royal Guards of Valhalla".  Greedy or selfish people will be removed from Guild, also same for beggers and spammers.  Cooperation is the key to The Royal Guards of Valhalla. If you do not like to cooperate, we are not for you.  We are a family style guild (Mature) and we try to work together with each other to reach common goals or enjoy the end game content of the game.

Website Usage

Our website is our primary tool for cooperation and organization. Use of it is expected by all members, including new recruits (perferred) and even non guildees.

Since we ask you to read the rules, ignorance of them is no excuse. In fact, such ignorance would probably serve to further validate your removal from The Royal Guards of Valhalla.

Guild-Chat Rules

Basic rule: Any Guild member can talk in guild-chat as long as they are nice and treat everyone politely and with respect. If you act in error, be honorable and apologize for any inappropriate actions.

The Guild is a mature guild, so expect to occasionally see mature content in chat. However, regular use of vulgar language or bad profanity does not fall within the guilds values when they cross a certain line of ethics, race, religion, orientation, etc. If your persistent language gets to be a problem an officer will speak with you. If it persists, appropriate actions will be taken up to and including removal from the guild. We are all adults and being such, recognize that profanity exists. That being said, if someone asks you to tone it down because relatives or children are looking over their shoulder, please apologize and show respect for them by doing as they ask.

Especially in Vent/teamspeak, please try and keep even cursing to a minimum. As several of our members have small children and don't always wear a headset, keep your language in mind.

Discriminatory language is strictly forbidden, even in jest. We are a diverse guild with people coming from different cultures, backgrounds, colors, religions, and sexual orientations. Be aware of this and be adult enough to know that the use of discriminatory language is offensive and wrong. Use of such language warrants removal from The Royal Guards of Valhalla.

The guild-chat is a general purpose chat. It may be used to let others know your advancement; to tell jokes; to ask for or offer items, or anything else. Do not be afraid to ask for help, but do not expect a quick response or a response at all. Remember, we are all playing and some chat lines can pass quickly or without notice.

Do not spam the vent info outside the game.

If you are unable to find help in guild-chat, do not complain that your guild doesn't help you. Keep in mind that we try to help each other but at the same time we want to play and enjoy the game in our own way. This can be a difficult balancing act.

Disagreements are natural in any society, but all parties must be open to the possibility that each may be wrong. If the argument requires a mediator, then seek out an officer to create a party and discuss the issue together in game or preferably, in vent.

Loot Policy

Be reasonable and be fair.

Absolutely no ninja-looting: this behavior is not tolerated in or out of the Guild and can result in your removal from the guild. Your behavior reflects on the guild as a whole.

Always discuss the loot policy before the party sets out to avoid potential conflict.

However as members, we expect you to be mature enough to handle any loot problem you are having on your own. In short, make sure the issue is serious before contacting the officers or Guild Master.

Raid Rules

Tier One Raiders

 1.  Sign-ups And Working Vent/Teamspeak (whichever is available) Required To Attend Raids.  Must meet the following requirements:
    (a) If not signed up, your spot is not guaranteed.
    (b) If you signed up and you are not available 15 minutes prior to pull time, you will be replaced and no guaranteed you will be going.
    (c) Invites will start 15 minutes prior to first pull (raid start time).

 2. Ventrillo/Teamspeak Required To Attend Raids.
    (a) No mic required, Just be able to hear the raid leaders.
    (b) You will refrain from clogging up the channel with music, chatter, or calls (Raid leaders only) during pulls to ensure raid runs smoothly.

3.  If the sign-ups don’t fill the scheduled raid the raid will be canceled (Or filled by raid leader).
    (a) Cancellation depends on lack of signups or guild members in raid.

4.  If the sign-ups over Fill A 10-Man, then there will be a pending of forming a secondary 10 man or 20 man depending on Raid leaders.

5.  Raid Ready Means That Prior To Invites You Have Completed The Steps Below:

    (a) You Are Logged Into The Toon You Signed-up With.
    (b) Your Soul Is Healed.
    (c) Plannar Charges Filled.
    (d) Gear Meets or Exceeds Raid Requirements (1000 HIT).
    (e) Meet the DPS requirement (35-40k DPS).

6.  If You Are Not Raid Ready When Invites Start You Don’t Go it will be pending raid leaders discretion.

7.  Raid Will Meet After The Raid To Discuss How Things Went and area's of improvement (If necessary).


    (a) Main Spec (the role you are playing in the raid) with a one win limit, followed by OFF-SPEC unlimited roll, then followed by Rune Break (open roll) stay out of the loot so loot can be passed out!! 

Tier Two Raid

1. Rules from tier one raid are same in effect to tier 2 raiders including the following changes.

2. Raid Ready Means That Prior To Invites You Have Completed The Steps Below:
 (a) All Gear Has Runes.
 (b) All Potions, Drink, etc Are On Your Toon.
 (c) You Have Passed The DPS Check (Higher DPS requirement)
 (d) You must be in all T1 gear (1200 HIT).

3. No sign-ups required.
 (a) Raid leader will pick and choose members qualified for T2 raids.

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